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"Great service and great communication about my issues; how to work on them myself and get well. Military friendly and takes federal plans!"

Jim - Google


"The service and the standard of care received is EXACTLY what I have been looking for!"

Jacky – Google


"Dr. Brian is an awesome chiropractor, I and my husband have been going to him for 8 years, he always does excellent adjustments to the neck and back, we would highly recommend him if you have neck, shoulder or back problems."

P. L. – Facebook


"I'd like to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for the amazing work you do! I can't tell you how many times you've helped me and my family by giving us our mobility back! With the different types of training we do, to just everyday life! You've kept both myself and my husband and our daughter being able to live happier, healthier lives. Thank You!!!"

K. B. – Facebook

Patient Reviews

Dr. Brian, It's probably not very often that you get thank you notes from out of towners requiring back adjustments, but I wanted to send you a note and let you know that you worked a miracle. As you know, I have a disc injury from years ago that basically cripples me about every five or so years. I planned a vacation with my family and had hoped to play golf while in Destin. Due to my recent back strain, I couldn't even think of doing that. After my visit to your practice, I was, indeed, in pain for one more day, but after that, I was ready to go. I am happy to say that I am back pain-free and my lower back, which you adjusted as well, is feeling better than before. Thanks again. You have a great practice and I'm lucky to have found it on Google." S. H. Herndon, VA

S. H. – Patient

"My father is in his early-mid 70s. As an Appalachian mountain man and a retired Colonel, I can only recall twice in my 48 years that pain or illness has slowed him down. Therefore, when a few months ago he began occasionally mentioning a nagging pain he had in his back I thought it must be bad or he wouldn't say anything at all because he has never mentioned pain to me before. I told him of a chiropractor, Brian Scheussler, that I recently began seeing. Brian straightened a 7-8mm discrepancy between my leg lengths in one visit and completely alleviated a year long nagging pain between my shoulder and spine in just 2 visits. My father decided to give him a try even though he was very skeptical about the efficacy of chiropractic medicine, he had never seen one before that I am aware of. After just a half dozen visits my father reported a 90% improvement in his back pain. I have noticed a marked improvement in his overall vitality. He moves like I used to see him move 30 years ago, more easily and with a renewed quickness in his step. His moods seem better to me too and I attribute that to a decrease in the nagging pain he had. My dad has always been a model of strength and energy to me, but now I more readily recall the man I knew so well when I was a teen. I can imagine him ready to go water skiing or scuba diving or flying once again even if I'm not! Thank you Brian for bringing back vitality to my amazing dad in what should be and probably is some of the best years of his life. Thanks for helping me as well." Sincerely, M.B. Niceville, FL

M. B. – Patient

"Dr. Schuessler is the best chiropractor I have seen in my "LIFETIME"! I have had back issues (L2-L3 area herniated disc) for thirty years. Went to General Practitioners, Specialist, and various chiropractors, only to find out it was just something I had to live with. While wintering in Miramar Beach, Florida, my back issues flared up. The pain was very uncomfortable, golf and normal activity was non-existent. After asking around, I chose Dr. Schuessler to examined me. Dr. Schuessler felt he could get me back on the golf course. I was apprehensive, thinking this was going to be like all my past experiences, many visits, relief, but no results, starting the cycle over and over again. I personally felt golf was over. I was wrong!!! Dr. Schuessler, gave me a regiment of exercises, walking, stretching to do between office visits. Dr. Schuessler asked me to come in when he determined it was necessary, which might be two or three visits a week at first, but eventually they would spread out and stop.. Weight was also an issue and asked me to lose the bowling ball I was caring around my waist. I put my faith, heart, and soul in his hands. Glad I did. Its been four months now, I've lost 23 lbs, I'm still exercising, strengthening my core and lower back. Normal activities have been resumed, and I can see a long future with golf. I remember the day he gave me a treatment and popped the effected area back into alignment. He jumped up, swung his fist, and with great enthusiasm, said, I GOT IT!!! He had accomplished something that no-one was able to do. I could feel the difference immediately. From that day on I began to feel normal again. If your in need of Chiropractic Care and in the Niceville Area, this guy is good.. Give him a try." Thank you.

J. S. Ohio

"We want to provide you with a testimonial for your website. Dr. Schuessler is the best chiropractor I have seen in 10 years living here in NW FL. He really takes the time required to understand what my concerns are, and he tailors his treatment to exactly what is effective for those concerns. He is so knowledgeable about exercises and supporting regimens that I can accomplish between visits. He explains these exercises, coaches me through them so that I do them correctly. I've been to other doctors whose approach is like an assembly line, they stamp the same treatment on everyone. I really can’t express adequately the personal care he takes with every patient. I truly feel that he has my best interests at heart. When my son was in an automobile accident (struck from behind while at a light on Hwy 98) Dr. Schuessler’s treatment helped him recover, certainly, but the early intervention prevented the problems from compounding. Just as I was, my son was made to feel very comfortable in Dr. Schuessler’s family-centered practice. We give him our strongest endorsement. If you are thinking about chiropractic, maybe you have never been to one before, let Dr. Schuessler be the standard by which you judge. If you have been seeing a chiropractor and have nagging suspicions that you are not getting everything out of the experience that you should, go see Dr. Schuessler. "---A.B.

A. B. – Patient

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